In RTMC Pro, what does “filemark” in the StartAtRecord(filemark, Rcdnum,OrderCollected) instruction mean?

As LoggerNet collects data from a table, the table record number, which normally increases by one with each record stored, can get reset to zero through various mechanisms, such as the data logger recompiling its program. Because of this, the record number alone is not sufficient to identify a record within the cache table of LoggerNet. LoggerNet uses the file mark number to keep these discontinuities straight. Each time that a missed event is detected or the record number regresses, LoggerNet increments the file mark number that it uses to store new records.

Starting with LoggerNet 4.1, this parameter can be specified with a value of &HFFFFFFFF. The LoggerNet server interprets this by looking for the starting record number in the latest file mark.

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