Why is an "Incorrect OS Version" message displayed when trying to download a program to the CR200?

The CR200-series datalogger is unique in that it does not have an on-board program compiler like other Campbell Scientific data loggers. This means that the CRBasic file (*.cr2) must be compiled on the computer first, and then the compiled binary file (*.bin) must be sent to the data logger. When a program is created in CRBasic, the last step is to compile the file and, therefore, create the program BIN file.

It is very important that the compiler used to generate the BIN file match the operating system version in the data logger. If a BIN file is sent to the data logger and the compiled version does not match the current OS, the program send will fail and an "Incorrect OS Version" message will be displayed. 

To help avoid issues with OS version mismatch, if the CR2 file is chosen as the file to download to the data logger, LoggerNet version 2.1b and greater will first query the data logger for its OS version and then attempt to find the matching compiler in the LoggerNet program files directory (by default, this is C:\Program Files\Campbellsci\LoggerNet). If the matching compiler exists, LoggerNet will compile the file and send that file to the data logger. Note that if the *.bin file is chosen, LoggerNet will not compile the file before sending it.

The software CD that is shipped with each CR200-series datalogger contains the appropriate compiler for the data logger OS. Copy this file into the LoggerNet program files directory so that it is available for use by LoggerNet. In CRBasic, select this file as the compiler to be used when compiling CR2 files from the Options | Supported Loggers menu item.

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