Does the LoggerNet license allow the migration of an installation from one computer to another? If so, what is the process?

Although the licensing agreement could be interpreted very strictly, Campbell Scientific realizes that data and procedures are very valuable to our customers and that migrating a system can be risky with no backup. Therefore, customers may temporarily violate the single machine installation rule during the migration process. The migration procedure is as follows:

  1. Install LoggerNet on the new computer.
  2. Migrate the settings across to the new computer using backup and restore.
    1. From the LoggerNet Setup screen, choose Backup | Manual Backup…. In the screens that follow, several choices need to be made:
      1. Keep the checkboxes selected for the cache and initialization files, and click Next to proceed.
      2. If data files that have been manually downloaded should be included in the backup, select those files. Click Next to proceed.
      3. Either note where the file is being saved, or enter a path to a location where the file can be easily found.  Click Next to proceed.
      4. Click the Back Up Now button on the last screen.
    2. From the LoggerNet Setup screen choose Backup | Restore Network…. Follow these steps:
      1. Select the file that was backed up to in the previous process.
      2. Click the Restore button. 
        Note: This process will destroy any settings or files that exist for LoggerNet in the folder for the restoration.
  3. Ensure LoggerNet is working properly on the new computer.
  4. Uninstall the LoggerNet software from the old computer.

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