When trying to start LoggerNet, what might cause the "Unable to start program because the Campbell Scientific communications server is already running" message?

A program on the computer is already using TCP/IP port 6789, or the security software (virus protection or firewall software) is blocking the use of that port. The Campbell Scientific communications server listens for, and communicates with, server clients (for example, RTMC Run-Time, the LoggerNet Status screen, the LoggerNet Connect screen) on TCP/IP port 6789 by default.

Use Microsoft’s netstat or some other TCP/IP utility to determine if another application is using port 6789.

  • If the TCP/IP utility shows no application using port 6789, the security software is probably blocking the port. Define an exception for LoggerNetService.exe in the security software to resolve the issue.
  • If the TCP/IP utility does show another application using port 6789, close the application or configure it to use a different port. If the application cannot be closed or reconfigured to use a different port, use the LoggerNet Toolbar command line switch toolbar.exe /ipport=xxxxx (where "xxxxx" is the new port number) to configure LoggerNet to use a different port.

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