Eagle.io Cloud-Based Data Acquisition, Storage, and Visualization Platform
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Connect, configure, and control your monitoring fleet from the cloud
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Eagle.io is a cloud-based data acquisition, storage and visualization platform built initially around the Campbell Scientific hardware ecosystem. Eagle.io can manage connection, acquisition, and real-time visualization of collected data without reliance on any other third-party software. All historic data is retained, and may be easily exported for more detailed analysis in third-party software packages. We connect directly with Campbell Scientific dataloggers utilizing the Software Development Kit and removing the need to run LoggerNet.

Eagle.io has a full HTTP API that allows it to interact with third-party applications, pushing raw monitoring data out, and pulling post-processed data in. Later releases will include the ability to achieve post-processing of raw data.

Users may set multiple alarms on each parameter being monitored, which trigger email and sms alarms as events occur in the field. The full user-based security profile allows hundreds or thousands of people to simultaneously access data and dashboards, and receive notifications by subscribing to pre-configured alarms.

The two-way communication makes portfolio management of dataloggers easy, by pushing out new programs, set-points, and firmware, and allowing for portfolio management of devices all from a web browser.  Multiplier and offsets can be applied to raw data.

With the exception of the API, eagle.io does not require any programming skills, making it very accessible to a wide range of end users.  

Eagle.io is built on an HTML 5 platform and can be run on any modern web browser, as well as IOS and Android devices.

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Benefits and Features

  • Dashboards ― Drag and drop widgets, and parameters for building customizable dashboards that make sense to end users of the data
  • Sharing made easy ― Collected data and dashboards can now be shared with front-line workers in seconds
  • Update dataloggers ― Push control points, firmware, programs, or operating systems to one datalogger, or a hundred in a batch with a few clicks
  • Code Free ― Users can connect a datalogger, view the time-series data, and build a dashboard without knowing the difference between Java and JavaScript
  • Power Users ― Our HTTP API allows power users to connect and integrate data acquisition and data visualization with third-party software packages
  • Alarms and Notifications ― Set alarms, and notify people when action needs to be taken; command and control diverse businesses with ease
  • Break data silos ― Import data from text files in Dropbox or FTP, or scrape data from the web to view data against other data – side-by-side in a dashboard
  • Low-cost monthly subscription fee per connected datalogger; no extra charges for users, dashboards, or parameters monitored (up to 100 parameters per data source)

Campbell Scientific does not sell or support this third-party software product. For more information about the eagle.io software product, including ordering information, visit the eagle.io website


Detailed Description

For information, visit the eagle.io website.