Later this year Campbell Scientific will release the DOT600 Roadbed Water Content Meter. It will be used in construction applications to measure volumetric and gravimetric water content of samples of earthen material in roadbeds and foundations. Portability, along with quick and accurate measurements, make the DOT600 a valuable tool for evaluating roadbed material both at the construction site and in the soil-test lab.

To make a measurement with the DOT600, the operator fills the sample chamber with soil and weighs it on the built-in scale to get a wet sample weight. The operator then compresses the soil in the chamber and triggers a measurement. The measurement result includes gravimetric and volumetric water contents, wet and dry bulk densities, sample volume, and applied force. Approximate time for one measurement is 90 seconds.

Measurement results, plus general logging information such as site and sample identification, name of person taking the measurement, and project name, are written as records to a file that can be easily downloaded to a computer and imported into a spreadsheet. A rugged carrying case and rechargeable battery make the DOT600 completely portable.

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