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CSBUOY-NS Water Quality Platform System without Sensors
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Campbell Scientific's CSBUOY-NS is a wireless, floating, self-contained package that allows fish farmers and water resource managers to monitor critical water quality parameters from the convenience of their office. The buoy requires a minimal amount of setup and can be deployed anywhere on the pond. These self-contained packages can be easily moved from pond to pond.

The CSBUOY-NS does not include sensors, allowing the customers to choose sensors that best fit their application. The customer must program the on-board data logger to measure their sensors.

The CSBUOY-NS is not suitable for wave or tidal environments.

Although the CSBuoy-NS was retired on January 5, 2010, some replacement parts remain available

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Detailed Description

This buoy system consisted of a buoy, an internal CR206 datalogger with 900 MHz spread spectrum radio, an antenna, a sealed rechargeable battery, and a 5 W solar panel. The on-board transceiver sent data to an onshore base station or the manager's office. For sensor connection, the CSBuoy-NS provided six water-tight, bulkhead compression fittings on the underside of the electronics compartment. PC400 or LoggerNet software was used to program the internal data logger.

Polyethylene buoy houses:

  • Data logger
  • 900 Mhz wireless transceiver
  • 1/4 wave whip antenna
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Solar panel


Data Storage Stores 32,000 data points
Environment Freshwater and brackish ponds and small lakes; quiet water marine (no wave or tidal activity)
Buoy Material Polyethylene
Instrument Housing Outer Diameter 16.15 cm (6.36 in.)
Instrument Housing Inner Diameter 15.24 cm (6 in.)
Float Diameter 76 cm (30 in.)
Height 119 cm (47 in.)
Weight ~15.88 kg (~35 lb)

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