CR1000XWP Replacement Wiring Panel for CR1000X


The CR1000XWP is a black, anodized aluminum wiring panel for the CR1000X. It may be purchased to replace a lost or damaged wiring panel. A complete CR1000X datalogger requires the CR1000XWP to be connected to a CR1000XM module.

Note: The CR1000XWP and CR1000XM are a matched pair. If the CR1000XWP is replaced, the new pair should be calibrated.  



Dimensions 23.24 x 10.21 x 4.27 cm (9.15 x 4.02 x 1.68 in.)
Weight 476.27 g (1.05 lb)


When the CR1000XWP is purchased separately, it must be calibrated with the CR1000XM to meet the published specifications.

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