By Paul Campbell

Campbell Scientific maintains a strong commitment of service to our customers. This is first and foremost manifest in the availability of competent and courteous advice on products and systems from our staff of over 30 application engineers. Our application engineers bridge the gap between customer needs and Campbell Scientific products. With our breadth of products and applications, there is some specialization among our AEs. It is my hope and expectation that you will receive reliable information or advice within a reasonable time when you contact Campbell Scientific.

In addition to direct communication with our AEs, there is technical information on our web site at under "Support." A web site page of white papers explains our approach to making electrical measurements. Technical papers and magazine articles are available, such as an article that explains the advantages of digital filtering and Fast Fourier Transform functions available in the CR9052DC module of the CR9000 Data Acquisition System. Application notes explain specific details about using our products with certain sensors or under certain conditions. For example, an application note on power supplies covers a broad range of applications with respect to different battery types, solar panels, and capacities under different operating conditions. There is an opportunity under our web site support to review FAQs (frequently asked questions) and to ask your own question. Web-based support provides an opportunity to study background material in depth and at your convenience if more direct communication by phone is not required.

Technical training is available either at the factory in Logan, Utah, or at your location as specifically arranged. Training classes provide an opportunity for you to work on your specific application while going through a structured presentation of how dataloggers work and the operation of related software.

Some custom services provided by our AEs may include site assessment, installation, and application specific programming of dataloggers. Such services, along with training, may be part of commissioning a new site for a customer.

Trade shows and conferences often provide an opportunity for face to face meeting with our application engineers. There is a "calendar" key or link at the bottom of our web site's home page that connects to a schedule of upcoming training classes and exhibits.

Customer service includes efficient processing of transactions and error-free, timely delivery of materials. It also includes the availability of timely repair or recalibration service by our technicians. Our administrative personnel who enter orders, process orders, and prepare shipping documents are an important part of the service you receive.

While working to improve the efficiency required in a competitive business environment, we strive to keep in mind the value to you of high quality, personal customer service.

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