5 Things to Know before Discussing Your Data Logger Programming Issue

by Janet Albers | Updated: 08/26/2015 | Comments: 0



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datalogger with program snippet

If you need help programming a Campbell Scientific data logger, here are some things you can do to have a more productive conversation with a Customer Support and Implementation Engineer.

At a minimum you’ll want to know:

  1. What data logger you’re working with—such as a CR6, CR1000, CR200, CR5000, or CR10X
  2. What sensors you have

    Tip:  You can often find sensor model numbers on the cable label.

    Sensor model number on cable label

  3. What software you’re using—such as LoggerNet, PC400, or PC200W
  4. How your computer communicates with your data logger—such as via USB to serial, Ethernet, or cellular modem
  5. What other devices are connected to your data logger

You’ll also want to have a copy of:

  • The program
  • The data table files
  • The wiring schematic

The more prepared you are for your discussion with a Customer Support and Implementation Engineer, the easier it is to get your issue resolved.

Recommended for You: When you're ready, visit our Ask a Question page to get in touch with a Customer Support and Implementation Engineer at Campbell Scientific.

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janet albers Janet Albers is a Senior Technical Writer. She'll share tips, simplify concepts, and guide you to a successful project. She's been at Campbell Scientific, Inc. longer than the CR1000, but not quite as long as the CR10X. After work hours, Janet enjoys the outdoors with her boys and dogs.

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