Help Campbell Scientific, Inc. Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

by Robin Deissinger | Updated: 04/19/2017 | Comments: 0

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Earth Day globe with Campbell Scientific building and equipment

The mention of Earth Day often stirs up thoughts in our minds of how we can reduce, reuse, and recycle. It may be easy to think of ways we can improve our habits in our homes, but it may be a little harder to come up with ways we can be more environmentally friendly in our workplace—whether that’s at an office or out in the field.

When you consider your workplace, do you have unused Campbell Scientific electronic equipment lying around that you no longer need? If so, do you have a local recycling company that can dispose of this unused equipment in an environmentally friendly manner?

In honor of Earth Day this year (April 22nd), we are launching a new program to help you properly recycle, or dispose of, your old, outdated Campbell Scientific electronic devices. If you are a customer residing in a country served directly by Campbell Scientific, Inc. (in Logan, Utah), we encourage you to return your unused Campbell Scientific electronic equipment to us. To take advantage of our recycling program and help us endeavor to be an environmentally responsible manufacturer, please contact one of our Support and Implementation Engineers at 435-227-9100 for assistance.

At Campbell Scientific, Inc., we want to make the proper recycling, or disposal, of our electronic products as convenient as possible. Please tell us about your experience using this program.

Recycle symbol with datalogger

In addition to launching this recycling program, and with thoughts of Earth Day on our minds, we created a new Environmental Sustainability page on our website. This web page helps us share with you what we’ve been doing to be an environmentally responsible manufacturer.

The Environmental Sustainability web page has many sections with a clickable table of contents that lets you navigate to the sections that particularly interest you. These sections are briefly described below:

  • What Sustainability Means to Us describes our outlook on environmental sustainability.
  • Our Efforts from the Ground Up shares how we began offering equipment with low-power consumption.
  • Built on a Sustainable Foundation gives details about the energy-conserving construction of our buildings and how we use energy generated by our own photovoltaic solar array.
  • Our Responsibility as a Manufacturer discusses the environmentally friendly decisions for our product design process, including eliminating lead and minimizing waste.
  • Together, We Can Recycle encourages you to recycle your unneeded Campbell Scientific electronic equipment by returning it to us.
  • Going Beyond Our Walls looks at how we impact our environment when we leave our buildings, focusing on our bicycle-friendly culture and our involvement in our community’s renewable resource planning.
  • Looking Ahead emphasizes our commitment to practice environmental sustainability into the future.

We appreciate your support of our commitment, as we know that protecting our environment and natural resources is something we can’t do alone. Together, we can celebrate Earth Day every day.

If possible, please take advantage of our recycling program for Campbell Scientific electronic equipment. If you have questions or comments about our environmental sustainability efforts, post them below.

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