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ATP400 Accessory Telemetry and Power Kit with ENC10/12
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The ATP400 is a factory-assembled and wired enclosure that contains a battery, solar panel or ac charger, terminals, communication device, and optional surge protector. This product is intended for use with the CRS451/6V submersible datalogger and allows the user to remotely monitor and collect data from the CRS451/6V using LoggerNet software or to deploy the CRS451/6V as a node in a wireless PakBus network.



  • Mast mount
  • Tower mount
Power Options
  • 7 Ah 12 V battery
  • 120 V wall charger
Solar Panel
  • 10 W
  • 20 W
Communication Device
  • RF401A 900 MHz, 250 mW spread-spectrum radio
  • RF450 900 MHz, 1 W spread-spectrum radio
  • NL240 Wi-Fi network link
  • RAVENXTV Verizon cellular digital modem
  • Interior 0 db whip antenna
  • Exterior Omni antenna with and without surge protection
  • Exterior Yagi antenna with and without surge protection
Internal Dimensions 25.4 x 30.5 x 11.4 cm (10 x 12 x 4.5 in.)


The ATP400 is compatible with the CRS451V and the CRS456V when used with LoggerNet.

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