This product is no longer available. Some accessories, replacement parts, or services may still be available.
A3497 Psychrometer Cooling Current Interface


The A3497 allows up to five thermocouple psychrometers to be cooled from one switched excitation on a CR7 Measurement and Control System. It is also possible to heat (dry) the junction before the cooling current is applied.



Datalogger Considerations

Psychrometer measurement requires the S3497X Software that is contained on a special CR7 Measurement and Control System PROM (the PROM is then inserted in the CR700X Control Module). Instruction 25 controls both the cooling/heating process and thermocouple measurement.

Up to five psychrometers can be cooled/heated with one A3497; all connected psychrometers are cooled simultaneously. The excitation for each A3497 is sourced from one excitation channel on a CR725 Excitation Card; up to eight A3497s can be connected to each 725. The reference temperature measurement and the thermocouple measurements are made by the CR723T Card; up to 14 psychrometers can be measured with each CR723 Card.

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