30991 Short Volume Control Tube for PVS5120C or PVS5120D
Used for Taking 500 ml Samples
No need to cut the tube shorter
weather applications water applications energy applications gas flux & turbulence applications infrastructure applications soil applications


The 30991 is used with the PVS5120-series samplers and the PVS41XX-series samplers to take 500 ml samples. The 316L stainless-steel metering chamber volume control tube determines the volume that is deposited into a bottle for each sample taken. The shorter tube of the 30991 can be positioned higher in the chamber, which allows a larger sample (as much as 500 ml) to be acquired. The short length of the 30991 tube does not interfere with the lid on a portable sampler.



Inner Diameter 0.9525 cm (0.375 in.)


The 30991 is compatible with the PVS41XX-series samplers and the PVS5120-series samplers.

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