The Poulsbo Marine Science Center is a non-profit educational facility located on Liberty Bay on the west side of Puget Sound. The Center contracted with Electronic Data Solutions to provide, integrate, and install a weather station and a water quality monitoring station in a buoy in the bay. The weather station sensors are hard-wired to a Campbell Scientific CR10 datalogger which, in turn, is connected to PC with a large color monitor. The PC is running a special Campbell Scientific, Inc. software and displays the data in both graphical and tabular form.

The buoy is powered by a solar panel and has a Campbell Scientific CR205 datalogger/transmitter. Data are collected by the CR205 and transmitted over a spread-spectrum link back to the Center where they are displayed in a similar manner on a second large color monitor. The buoy has been installed and tested and then removed pending the receipt of a Coast Guard permit. At that point it will be re-deployed.

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Case Study Summary


Real-time weather and water quality data displayed publicly on large monitors


Puget Sound, Washington, USA

Products Used

CR205  CR10 

Participating Organizations

Poulsbo Marine Science Center

Measured Parameters

Water quality parameters, weather parameters

Participating Consultants/Integrators

Electronic Data Solutions