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Troubleshooting Resistance-Based Sensors

This video walks through how to identify major issues of a resistance-based sensor. The demonstration uses a multimeter to verify...

(18:23) Posted: 4/6/2023

Troubleshooting Voltage Output Sensors

This video walks through how to identify major issues of a voltage output sensor. The demonstration uses a multimeter to...

(7:42) Posted: 4/6/2023

Using a Multiplexer

A multiplexer increases the number of sensors that can be connected to a single Campbell Scientific data logger. In this...

(8:27) Posted: 4/20/2022

Double-Precision Calculations

In CRBasic programs, all declared variables are formatted as single-precision floating-point numbers by default. However, some applications require double-precision. This...

(5:50) Posted: 2/4/2022

Pipeline and Sequential Modes

Campbell Scientific data logger programs compile in either Pipeline Mode or Sequential Mode. These processing modes determine how measurement and...

(10:04) Posted: 2/4/2022

Campbell Scientific Data Logger Expansion

Campbell Scientific data loggers provide highly flexible solutions for reading sensors and controlling devices. This video demonstrates many options to...

(8:53) Posted: 12/6/2021

CR350 QuickStart Part 5 - Wi-Fi Communications

Some Campbell Scientific data loggers, including the CR350-WIFI, include integrated WIFI communications. For data loggers without integrated WIFI, an NL241-WIFI...

(9:59) Posted: 9/21/2021

CR350 QuickStart Part 4 - Send a Program, Collect and View Data

Use PC400 to send a program, view real-time measurements in the Table Monitor, collect data, and display collected data. Follow...

(4:22) Posted: 9/20/2021

CR350 QuickStart Part 3 - Create a Program and Wire Sensors

Create a CR350 program using Short Cut, Campbell Scientific's program generator. Wire your sensor accordingly. Follow along in the CR350-series...

(6:10) Posted: 9/20/2021

CR350 QuickStart Part 2 - Configure Software and Monitor Data

Using PC400, install the USB driver for the CR350 then connect it to your computer. Once connected you’ll set the...

(4:43) Posted: 9/20/2021