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Contact Information

2365 Iron Point Road
Suite 100
Folsom, CA 95630

Dean Schoeder, Chief Marketing Officer
Robert Hinchman, Sales Account Manager
Scott Barrington, Sales Account Manager

Phone: 916.357.5970

Company Introduction

Trimark helps companies connect to the electric grid so they can sell energy. We provide the tools that power providers need to monitor, measure, and control their operations. This ensures grid stability and maximizes power production, leading to increased revenue. Our innovative, full-featured SCADA systems are developed in-house by our engineering team. We integrate our products with revenue meters, meteorological stations, network drops, and server cabinets to deliver an all-encompassing solution. Working closely with developers, EPCs, utilities, solar contractors, independent power producers, and owners, Trimark customizes a mix of products and installation services to meet each company’s unique requirements. We follow up with ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure operational excellence.

Service Areas

All US States

Supported Applications

Solar Energy
Utilities and Energy
Wind Energy

Certified Campbell Scientific Partner