This product is no longer available.

WP100 Components

Note: Components are ordered separately to create this system.


Campbell Scientific’s WP100 is a turn-key data acquisition system for the wind prospecting industry. Designed for rapid installation, the WP100 can be quickly reconfigured using varying sensor configurations. This system supports a wide range of uses and is an ideal drop-in replacement for existing data logger enclosures in both temporary and permanent met tower applications.

Upgrading to a WP100 takes full advantage of your wind resource assessment dollar, whether you are using your current sensor configuration or adding sensors to expand your system’s capabilities.

This complete system for measuring factors for wind-power prospecting is designed, built, and configured by Campbell Scientific experts, with the user supplying the sensors. It features a versatile, rugged data logger and cutting-edge software. It can be customized to measure the factors needed for any wind-power project.