SIRCO Samplers

In Canada in 1960, SIRCO Samplers began making some of the first automatic water sampling equipment in the world. As the company's expertise and understanding of their customers' needs grew, SIRCO Samplers improved its line of automatic water samplers to include electronic timing, lightweight portable models, and glass-door refrigerators. In the 1980s, Southwell Controls Ltd. began manufacturing the SIRCO water samplers. Later, the SIRCO samplers were sold under Southwell Corp.

The SIRCO line of portable and stationary stand-alone water samplers acquired a reputation for high quality and a history of successful operation in stormwater, wastewater, and other water-quality operations. Campbell Scientific distributed the SIRCO line of vacuum-based water samplers for some time before deciding to purchase the SIRCO sampler product line in 2011.

After the purchase was finalized, the entire manufacturing operation was transferred to the Campbell Scientific headquarters in Logan, Utah. The first water sampler manufactured by Campbell Scientific under their own name was shipped on August 31, 2011. Campbell Scientific manufactured a complete line of water samplers available in portable and stationary models with composite and discrete sampling options.