014A Met One Wind Speed Sensor

020C Wind Direction Sensor

024A-L Met One Wind Direction Sensor

03002, 03101, and 03301 R. M. Young Wind Sentry Sensors

034B-L Met One Windset

05103, 05103-45, 05106, 05108, 05108-45, and 05305 Wind Monitors

083E Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor

092 Barometric Pressure Sensor

107-L Temperature Probe

108-L Temperature Probe

109-L Temperature Probe

109SS Temperature Probe

110PV Surface Temperature Probe

223-L Delmhorst Cylindrical Soil Moisture Block

237-L Leaf Wetness Sensor

253-L and 257-L (Watermark 200) Soil Matric Potential Sensors

255-100 Novalynx Analog Output Evaporation Gauge

27106T Gill Propeller Anemometer

43347 RTD Temperature Probe

52202 Electrically Heated Rain and Snow Gage

A100LK Anemometer

A6REL-12 Relay Driver

AM16-32B Relay Multiplexer

AM25T 25-Channel Solid State Multiplexer

BlackGlobe Temperature Sensor for Heat Stress

BMP5 Direct SDK

CDM-VW300 Series Dynamic Vibrating-Wire Analyzer System

COM320 Voice Communications Modem

CMP3 Pyranometer

CMP6-L, CMP11-L, and CMP21-L Pyranometers

CNR4 Net Radiometer

CS100 Barometric Pressure Sensor

CS106 Barometric Pressure Sensor

CS205 10-Hour Fuel Temperature Stick

CS210 (10162) Enclosure Humidity Sensor

CS215 Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe

CS225 Temperature String

CS300 Silicon Pyranometer

CS475, CS476, and CS477 Radar Water Level Sensor

CS451-CS456 Pressure Transducer

CS506 Fuel Moisture Sensor

CS511 Dissolved Oxygen Probe

CS526 ISFET pH Probe

CS547A-L Conductivity and Temperature Probe and A547A Interface

CS616 and CS625 Water Content Reflectometers

CS650 and CS655 Water Content Reflectometers

CS700 Tipping Bucket Rain Gage and CS700H Heated Rain Gage

CSIM11 pH and ORP Sensors

CURS100 100 Ohm Current Shunt Terminal Input Module

CVS4200 and BVS4300 Stationary Samplers

ENC10-12, ENC12-14, ENC14-16, ENC16-18 Enclosures

GPS16X-HVS GPS Receiver

HC2S3 Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe

HC2S3 Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe

HFP01 Soil Heat Flux Plate

HFP01SC Hukseflux Self-Calibrating Soil Heat Flux Plate

HMP155A Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe

HMP60 Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe

LI190SB LI-COR Quantum Sensor

LI200X LI-COR Silicon Pyranometer

LNDB LoggerNet Database Software

LoggerLink Mobile App for Android

LoggerLink Mobile App for iOS

LoggerNet Datalogger Support Software

LoggerNet Server Software Development Kit

LoggerNet Software Development Kit

LP02 Hukseflux Pyranometer

LWS Dielectric Leaf Wetness Sensor

NR-LITE2 Net Radiometer

NR01 Net Radiometer

OBS-3+ and OBS300 Suspended Solids and Turbidity Monitors

OBS500 Smart Turbidity Meter with ClearSensor Technology

OBS501 Smart Turbidity Meter with ClearSensor Technology

P2546A-L Anemometer

PC400 Datalogger Support Software

RavenXTV CDMA Sierra Wireless Cellular Modem

RTDAQ Software

RTMC Pro Real-Time Monitor and Control Professional Software

SC115 CS IO 2G Flash Memory Drive with USB Interface

SDM-CD16AC 16-Channel ac-dc Relay Controller

SI-111 (IRR-P) Precision Infrared Radiometer

SP230 Heated Pyranometer

SR50A Distance Sensor

TDR100 Time Domain Reflectometry Systems

TB4 and TB4MM Hydrological Services Rain Gage

TE525, TE525WS, and TE525MM Texas Electronics Rain Gages

WINDSONIC 2-D Sonic Wind Sensors

WXT520 Weather Transmitter