Typical installation at a fish farm

The Norwegian company ITAS (Scanmatic Instrument Technology AS), started as part of the Research Council of Norway. It specializes in field measurements and provides all kinds of environmental services to businesses, communities, and industries.

For a recent project ITAS monitored the ground water level in an area where a new road tunnel was built. This was a major project with 23 data logging stations based on the Campbell Scientific CR200, with about 60 sensors (piezometers) to monitor the ground water level. The CR200s are used to log the frequency from the sensors, and final transformation from frequency to water level is done using the virtual variable feature in Vista Data Vision (VDV) Professional.

ITAS has been active in the fish farm industry, and its clients have large fish farm installations in Norway and around the globe. In the fish farming industry there is a demand for measuring the oxygen level in the fish cages. ITAS has put a CR200/CR216 in the same cabinet as the oxygen analyzers to log the output from the sensors. The data is collected via radio/GSM or just GSM and displayed on the VDV website. The users just log onto the VDV web page and get the result. The VDV applications give ITAS the opportunity to serve customers with a complete solution, including all necessary equipment such as sensors, data loggers, installations, service, data collection and displaying data. In addition to central collection of data, users are interested in a local VDV setup to be able to monitor their data. This is especially true in the fish farming industry.

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Case Study Summary


Ground-water monitoring for tunnel construction; oxygen monitoring for aquaculture



Products Used



Measurement Systems

Participating Organizations

Scanmatic Instrument Technology AS (ITAS), Norway

Measured Parameters

Ground water, dissolved oxygen

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