LOGAN, Utah – Campbell Scientific, with 35 years of world-class measurement experience, is pleased to announce a new closed-path analyzer, the EC155, for eddy-covariance flux measurements.

As a stand-alone analyzer, the EC155 simultaneously measures absolute carbon dioxide and water vapor densities, air temperature, and barometric pressure. With the optional CSAT3A sonic anemometer head, it also measures three-dimensional wind speed and sonic air temperature.

The EC155 features a slim, aerodynamic shape for minimal wind distortion and body heating, along with optimal co-location of analyzer and wind measurement.  It also has the benefits of low noise output and low power consumption (meaning this analyzer is suitable for solar-powered applications), and it is tolerant of window contamination.

A complete closed-path system requires the integration of pump, valves, datalogger, sonic anemometer, and the EC155. All of these components have been packaged into the CPEC200, a field-ready system with all the engineering done for you. The closed-path analyzer is compatible with many Campbell Scientific dataloggers, including the CR800/850, CR1000, CR3000, and CR5000. 

Campbell Scientific, Inc., is a worldwide manufacturer of dataloggers, data acquisition systems, and measurement and control products. Campbell Scientific’s mission is to satisfy the instrumentation needs of their customers by providing versatile and reliable products that can withstand harsh, remote environments. To learn more about Campbell Scientific, Inc., or to ask questions of the company’s highly trained technical and sales support team, please visit www.campbellsci.com.

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