LOGAN, Utah – Campbell Scientific, Inc., is pleased to announce the CR800 series to its vast line of proven and reliable dataloggers. The CR800 series consists of two models, the CR800 and CR850, that continue to follow the innovation of low power usage, precision excitation voltages, dependable operation in harsh environments, and versatile use for either research and/or industry. The CR1000KD external keyboard display is optional with the CR800, while the CR850 has an integrated keyboard display.

The CR800 and CR850 both feature 2 MB of battery-backed SRAM and a battery-backed clock that ensure data, programs, and accurate time are maintained while it is disconnected from the main power source. They also include CS I/O and RS-232 serial ports, a 16-bit microcontroller with 32-bit internal CPU architecture, three differential (six single-ended) analog inputs, five pulse counting channels that include two low-level pulse channels, background system calibration for accurate measurements over time and temperature changes, and communication protocols such as PakBus® and Modbus RTU that allow for multiple telemetry options. Four multi-function control ports can be configured as digital inputs, digital outputs, SDI-12 input or output, pulse inputs, and RS-232 ports. The CR850’s display can be programmed with user-defined menus and pick lists. It can also be used for on-site sensor calibration and to show sensor readings, stored values, or flag/port status.

Campbell Scientific, Inc., is a worldwide manufacturer of dataloggers, data acquisition systems, and measurement and control products. Campbell Scientific’s mission is to satisfy the instrumentation needs of their customers by providing versatile and reliable products that can withstand harsh, remote environments. To learn more about Campbell Scientific, Inc., or to ask questions of the company’s highly trained technical and sales support team, please visit www.campbellsci.com.

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