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CR1000, IfTime monthly

Naia Feb 2, 2011 08:03 PM


I would like to reset my cumulative rain gauge readings on the first of each month. The IfTime command would be perfect, but doesn't seem to work for monthly increments. Do you have any other recommendations?


mjb Feb 2, 2011 10:20 PM

Hi, we require the same functionality.

Our solution uses the output of RealTime(), like so:

- Variable declarations:
Public rTime(9)
Alias rTime(1)= Time_Year
Alias rTime(2)= Time_Month
Alias rTime(3)= Time_DayOfMonth
Alias rTime(4)= Time_HourOfDay
Alias rTime(5)= Time_Minutes
Alias rTime(6)= Time_Seconds
Alias rTime(7)= Time_Microseconds
Alias rTime(8)= Time_DayOfWeek
Alias rTime(9)= Time_DayOfYear

- At start of scan cycle:

- later in scan cycle:
If Time_DayOfMonth = 1 AND IfTime(0,1,Day) Then
... Do Monthly stuff


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