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GPRS Communication with CR3000 and Sierra FXT009 EDGE modem

dwind Nov 3, 2016 01:46 AM


I try to setup GPRS communication with a CR3000 and a Sierra FXT009 EDGE modem. Giving the AT commands of "CS-GPRS Communication Package" of CS doesn't seem enough. I was told by the support team of Athens to use the "Mobile Data Assistant" , but it doesn't apply the modem settings successfully. Does it work with this model ? If not, can anyone give me please the AT commands that set-up the modem to do it manually?

Thanx a lot.

Terri Nov 7, 2016 05:48 PM

The FXT009 is not a modem that we support, but I found another forum thread with lots of comments that may help you.


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