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AT commands to reconfigurate Modem COM 110

Jose Antonio May 24, 2016 10:19 AM


I'm trying to reconfigurate a "modem COM110" with a CRBasic program that i upload through a data logger "CR1000".

I achieve to upload some commands but not the reconfigurate commands like AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","internetestatico.movistar.es"

Someone know if is possible to reconfigurate the modem using AT commands? 

Jose Antonio Jan 5, 2017 08:47 AM


Someone know if it is possible to reconfigurate the modem using AT commands?

Thanks in advance.

thinkitcodeit Jan 12, 2017 12:05 PM

Yes you can configure a COM110 using AT commands.  The Mobile Data Assistant (MDA) available from the campbellsci.eu website will send all appropriate commands to configure the modem to work with our dataloggers.  Careful consideration needs to be given to the timing of the commands and you need to ensure the modem is ready to accept commands by issuing the +++ sequence first.  If you program the modem using the MDA and look in the command list you will see the AT commands being used to program the modem for a particular datalogger.

Jose Antonio Nov 27, 2018 08:31 AM

Buenos días.
Gracias por su respuesta. Hemos logrado enviar comandos "AT" al módem a través del programa de registro creado en "CRBasic". El problema surge cuando llega el momento de enviar los parámetros de configuración correspondientes al registrador, por ejemplo, el "APN".
¿Es posible comunicarse desde el programa "CRBasic" al registrador para enviar parámetros de configuración?

Un saludo.

Mario R. Mar 1, 2023 06:41 PM

This post is under review.

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