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K&Z CNR4 - RnAs vs calculated net radiation

HMNIBIO Apr 3, 2024 01:47 PM

A CNR4 on a CR1000x. The logger outputs a net radiation value that is, according to the program,

RnAs = (LWin - LWout) + (SWin - SWout)

We are also logging those four components individually. When I do a manual calculation, for example in a database query

SELECT (LWin - LWout) + (SWin - SWout) as net_calc, RnAs as net_logger FROM data.Cr1000x

I would expect to get the same, or very similar values (rounding...). But the values differ quite a bit, just some random sample data:

net_calc                                                                  net_logger

249.60479999999998                                               249.8723

245.78705999999997                                               247.8013

240.75883999999996                                               242.7817

237.44592999999998                                               238.6025

The differences can be much smaller/nonexistent for periods, but also larger than this at times. The calculation is in a slow sequence of the logger program. Can that be the reason?

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