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MQTT Publish Table with CR310

niko Mar 13, 2024 07:57 AM
How to use MQTTPublishTable with CR310. I have tried using the QTTPublishTable command with cr310 but the results are as follows

DataTable (MQTT_Table,1,-1)
DataInterval (0,1,Min,10)
Sample (1,stacode,String)
Sample (1,Tdate,String)
Sample (1,Ttime,String)
Sample (1,PR_meas_Total,FP2)
Sample (1,Batt_volt,FP2)
Sample (1,Lithium_Battery,FP2)

Compile Failed !
MQTTPublishTable is not defined

cameliablos Mar 24, 2024 07:17 PM

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