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Modification of program code for readings (not records) of CR dataloggers for critical energy systems

c.pablonicolas Mar 7, 2024 04:39 PM

Our dataloggers measure dendrometer variations. When we go to the forest we need to test their condition in situ. To do this, we carry out tests and check them from Monitor Data, having programmed the datalogger with 15-second readings; the records are every 15 minutes. The problem is that in certain places it is advisable to manage the energy resource of the photovoltaic system battery well due to the distance and difficulty of access, and scheduling readings every 15 seconds puts the autonomy of the station at risk. We cannot give ourselves the freedom to load a program into the datalogger to take 15-second readings for testing and then load a program to leave readings (and records) every 15 minutes every time we go to the station. So I consult: Is it possible to modify the code of the program to be loaded by adding an IF somewhere to make readings (not so for the records) every 15 seconds and display them in the Data Monitor only if the datalogger is connected to the PC?

We have several CR300, CR1000 and CR1000X dataloggers. I appreciate any suggestions.


JDavis Mar 7, 2024 05:08 PM

I believe this video will answer your question. It uses a water level sensor in the example, but the programming technique is for solving the power problem as you described.

CRBasic in the Real World Part 2: Triggering Real-Time Measurements During a Site Visit


c.pablonicolas Mar 9, 2024 03:21 PM

This post is under review.

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