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How to integerate logger net with CR1000x to have remote access to the datalogger.

SamuelPius Mar 2, 2024 07:53 AM

Hi Team,

I am facing difficulties in integrating the loggernet with the CR1000x datalogger but it is not working out. Is it because i am using a TRB140 modem here which is connected to the cr1000x using an ethernet for internet. It has a static IP sim card being used here.

Please guide with your know hows regarding this issue.

Thanks and Regards,


squigglysmile Mar 11, 2024 02:10 AM

This post is under review.

smile Mar 11, 2024 06:42 AM

using a browser, by typing the fixed and public IP address, can you reach the router? Does ping work?

Maybe you need to make a port forwarding rule. When the loggernet packets on port 6785 reach the router they must be forwarded to the fixed LAN IP of the data logger, for example


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