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Connect CS616 and 107 Temperature sensors to AM16/32

Fanny Mar 1, 2024 02:35 PM

Hello all,

I would like to connect 6 CS616 sensors and 6 107 Temperature probes to a AM16/32 multiplexer.

I tried to do it with short cut but it seems that can not connect 2 types of sensors to the multilplexer. Once one type is selected I can not choose another one.

Is it possible to do it ?

Thank you for your help,

Have a good day,


smile Mar 14, 2024 05:33 PM


you need to set the multiplexr as 4x16, so at each clock 4 channels of a group will be presented to the logger at the same time.

then between logger and AM16/32 using the commons: 

COM H ODD -----> Vx1 excitation for all 107 

COM L ODD -----> 1SE analog ch per all 107

COM H EVEN -----> Control port for enable all CS616

COM L EVEN -----> 2SE analog ch per all CS616

then the sensor to the varios groups of the AM16/32

107 black -----> H odd for excitation

107 red -----> L odd for SE ch

CS616 orange -----> H even

CS616 Green ----->  L even

All shield (107 and CS616) -----> GND of the group between ODD a EVEN treminal

All gnd of 107 white or purple -----> gnd terminal near excitation or SE ch

All red 12V of CS616 to SW12 (best ) or 12V terminal but with a fuse (for safety it is always a good idea to protect the 12V cables that go to the soil probes)

All black of CS616 to G near 12V terminal

At each impulse it is necessary to take a reading of 107 and then the measurement of CS616, each time with different locations.

Remember not to enable CS616 if you are measuring 107. CS616s are a large source of electrical noise so when turned on it severely disrupts analog measurements.

rafaelahansen Apr 23, 2024 03:04 AM

This post is under review.

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