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CR6-RF407 link quality much worse than CR6 with external RF407 and same settings

sigfig97 Feb 23, 2024 06:30 PM

We are having a consistent problem with three CR6-RF407 loggers having a bad radio connection on an easy 200m shot to a hub logger.  The connection is so bad we can't consistently upload programs remotely.  When we put in an external RF407, using the same antenna and network setting etc, all the link quality goes to normal.

First we thought it was one faulty logger, but after two more were installed they showed the same behaviour.  Any thoughts on why an internal radio would have these problems vs external?  Have tried various adjustments like packet size, radio power, retry rate etc to no avail.  Seems like an bug with the firmware.

There are a dozen or so CR300-RF407 loggers on the same network with solid connections.   


siluriancockatoo Feb 28, 2024 02:39 AM

Internal radios may be more susceptible to interference compared to external ones. Factors such as nearby electronic devices, physical obstacles, or environmental conditions can affect the radio signal quality. The external RF407 unit might provide better signal reception due to its placement or better shielding against interference.

https://www.campbellsci.com/forum?tunnel rushforum=1&l=thread&tid=17088 

sigfig97 Mar 6, 2024 06:10 PM

Hmm, shielding is an interesting consideration.  The CR6 loggers have plastic cases, and the CR300's which work better despite having the same antenna and location, have aluminum cases.  It is a noisy environment, radio-wise.

JDavis Mar 7, 2024 05:20 PM

It is exactly the same radio transmitter, so it must be something about antenna placement.

The CR6 plastic case has an internal EMF coating. Emitted noise from the datalogger is not a possible problem. The hard, flat aluminum case of a CR300 might be a better reflector of the radio signal.

On the CR6, the antenna comes off the side of the case and the CR300 comes off the front. That changes your antenna placement in the enclosure. Changing the angle of the antenna might make a difference.

I am sure an external antenna would solve the signal issues. That does add cost of the antenna and cable. Plus you have to deal with mounting.

Maybe try a 15970 antenna at one site. That antenna does not cost much, but would let you place the antenna in different locations in the enclosure. Normally that antenna is used for sticking an antenna to a window in a building.

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