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CR310 + CELL210 (non integrated)

Arodds Feb 7, 2024 06:22 PM

Hi everyone,

I am trying to connect remotely to a cr310 with a cell210 using No IP.

The hardware is correct, the ports connecting both devices via rs232, also the cell210 is powered with sw12 from the DL.

The cell210 connects to the network by entering the apn, but here is where I have no more information from the manual, because it indicates that it can be done using public static or dynamic IP, but for this last case it is only specified when it is done through Konect.

Could you confirm if it is possible to do it using noip?

If so, could you please indicate what kind of mode is needed in the cell (serial server, client or server/client)? in principle it should be one of the last two.

thanks in advance

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