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EasyFlux PC errors

minhhoang Jan 30, 2024 10:40 AM

Hello everyone,

Im working on a project in which I have to deploy an IRGASON (CSAT-3A and EC150) on a field and compute fluxes from its measurements. Despite the capability of the CR6 DataLogger to produce itself the fully corrected fluxes, I still want to compute fluxes from IRGASON raw datas by using EddyPro7 and EasyFluxPC.

So I tried to use EasyFlux PC but I got some errors like this during the processing :

Verifying time series integrity.. Done.
Error(59)> At least one wind component appears to be corrupted (too many implausible values).
Error(59)> This may also be the result of data exclusion by the "Absolute limits" test or by a
Error(59)> custom-designed "Flag" in the "Basic Settings" page.
Error(59)> If the problem occurs for many or all raw files, check those settings.
Error(59)> Skipping to next averaging period.

After this error, I unchecked every filtering methods (Filter non-zero diag_sonic datas or diag_irga datas) but I always have the same error during the fluxes computation.

This is the first time I use EasyFlux PC and also Im new in this domain so I would like to ask for the help here. 

Many thanks, Sorry the bad english

P/S: Im also trying to use EddyPro7 for the fluxes computation and I have another questions about this program:

1) I cant find the option CSAT-3A in the instruments section so can I use CSAT-3 instead ? 

2) Also my ASCII TOA5 data file has this header below, EddyPro7 can use this TOA5 file or I have to make some changes on its header ?

"TS","RN","m s-1","m s-1","m s-1","deg C","adimensional","mg m-3","","umol/mol","g m-3","mmol/mol","adimensional","deg C","deg C","kPa","fraction","fraction","deg C","hPa","deg C","unitless","unitless","deg C","%","Decimal degrees","Decimal degrees","adimensional","counts","V","deg C"

Devenci Feb 19, 2024 09:43 AM

This post is under review.

Sanahg Mar 14, 2024 08:29 AM

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