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LNDB and MySQL v8 issue

jonny Jan 29, 2024 08:16 PM

I've recently upgaded our MySQL to version 8 and (at the same time upgraded to LNDB v 2.0) but have issues with the LNDB "archiving" tables because it thinks columns have changed when they haven't (no updates to logger programs etc). Basically any time the LNDB service is stopped/started any table with the "smallint UN" data type will be archived. What is bizarre is that when you look at the newly created archive tables, the data types are the exact same as the current table so it is doing this in error...

Running MySQL 8.0.35 with matching ODBC 32bit connector. LNDB is v2.0, but note it was also doing this on LNDB v1.3 too.

This is causing some huge issues for the database, as it creates basically an archive of all stations every time the service is stopped/started... and is going to take quite a lot of work to repair the database from the mess it's currently in.

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