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LNDB problem with quotes in table name and field names.

tomasafonso Jan 4, 2024 03:10 PM

Good afternoon.

My company has recently acquired LNDB. I have easily managed to connect to Loggernet and create the tables of my stations in the database (Postgres).

My problem is that I usually use two datagrid libs in PHP to display, filter, export,.... data from my databases. Trying to use them with the tables that LNDB has generated for me, I run into the problem of the quotes around the field names.

My sql queries for LNDB tables are like:

'SELECT "TmStamp", "RecNum", "Temp_Avg", "HumRel_Avg", pressure_Avg" FROM public."Station_Meteo10M"';

Using quotes makes my PHP datagrid libraries not work well. Although I put the quotes when creating the query, the php libraries do not work when filtering the data. I have cloned one of the LNDB tables. The new table has the same structure but without " " in the name of the fields and the table. For this table my php libraries work correctly.

Is there a way to prevent LNDB from using quotes to surround field names? I don't care that the names are all in lowercase.


wristhearts Feb 19, 2024 01:52 PM

You can escape quotation marks, causing Numbers, Pages, and Keynote to return quotation marks as part of a text string, instead of treating them as the start or end of the dinosaur game string.

bercov Mar 24, 2024 08:28 PM

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