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4-20mA flow reading from Great Plains Industries G2 flow meter

Kshaffer Nov 8, 2023 02:39 PM

Hello, we are trying to add a second flow meter to a CR1000 that is already has P1 and P2 channels in use for a pulse count flow meter and a CS700 tip counter.

As such, we ordered a GPI G2 1/2"(1-10 GPM) flow meter that reports flow in 4-20mA.

We are having trouble getting flow to register on the data logger using the following instruction:

              VoltDiff (MW02_Pond_FlowRate,1,mV2500,4,True,0,_60Hz,0.00625,-2.5)

Batteries are removed from the GPI meter and we have a 100ohm resistor bridging H and L on Diff channel 4.

We are powering the meter via one of the 12V channels on the logger. With the resistor in place, between H and L on diff 4, we read the offset of -2.5 only. With the resistor removed, we are reading an erroneous flow rate of 6GPM (no actual flow).

Any help is appreciated!

JDavis Nov 10, 2023 11:56 PM

If the reading reports as just the offset, I suspect the flow sensor is not outputing a current. Check the wiring. The current loop needs a return to ground from the low side of the resistor.

12V > Sensor Supply

           Sensor Return > H > 100 Ohm Resistor > L > G

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