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CR6-Wifi dont connect to internet

XxVashxX Sep 9, 2023 02:45 PM

I configure many times many dataloggers (CR6, CR300, etc) to connect to Wifi, in this case i have a CR6-WIFI that only have internet access if i use DHCP on the datalogger... when i try to put a static IP (Im shure that IP, MASK and GATEWAY are OK) the datalogger simply dont have internet acces, DL is connected to the LAN network and i can ping to IT, but no internet acces... If i change to DHCP again it works well...

Can you gave me a hint to solve this? (I install this same datalogger several times in different networks in the past with static IP with no problems but now dont work .... i try in different networks to discard a network restriction but doesnt work with static IP)

Thank you for your help

PD: When i connect to the datalogger a update appear to WIFi 5.03.... i search for this upgrde in the website but last update i found to download is WIFI 5.02.... I update to WIFI OS 5.03 and also try with WIFI OS 5.02 but same result

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