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CR6 SNMP Appliction

zhangyp Sep 7, 2023 03:46 PM

 My application is to use CR6 datalogger to read a network device 's status by SNMP protocol.  

  The standard SNNP system include NMS( Netword Management System),  and device which contain SNMP Agent , MIB, Managed Objects.

  CR6 support SNMP protocol and related CRbasic instructions. Through read the instruction help , i think CR6 can be set as “device” role in SNMP system,  which accept NMS's request and give response. In my application , I think CR6 need to be set as “NMS” role,  I'm not sure whether CR6 can achieve this function.How to proactively read device information with CR6? Do you have any similar example or document?

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