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SDI12 pressure sensor has problem in communication

kokihualpa Sep 1, 2023 09:16 PM

I have a problem with a pressure sensor about SDI12 comunication. At start the communication is normal but after 10 or 12 hours the sensor stops its communication to datalogger (CR1000X). the Scanning time I have increased to 60 sec. but the problem continuous. The sensor is a Young, model: 61402L.

This is my code now (the part only sensor):

note I putted a delay of 500 ms (delay option 2, for digital measurements) after the SDI12Recorder() for that will wait the response before continuous.

'Sensor de presion
Public BP_mbar
Public FallaPres
Units BP_mbar=mbar

SW12 (SW12_1,1 )


'Sensor de presion SDI-12
Delay (2,500,mSec)
If BP_mbar = NAN Then
             If FallaPres=1 Then
                  SW12 (SW12_1,0)
                  Delay (1,500,mSec)
                  SW12 (SW12_1,1)


any suggestion please?

smile Sep 4, 2023 06:29 PM


the next time you find it blocked, stop the program and via the terminal emulator interrogate the probe directly via the SDI12 protocol menu. Maybe you can figure out what's causing the problem.


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