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Send Datatable() from CR310 by Modbus TCP/IP to a compactlogix

joselsm Aug 11, 2023 07:18 AM

I´ve been working in a project to send information and control variables from CR310 to compactlogix, compactlogix like master and the datalogger like slave, i can control the variable from the CLP but now i need to send information from the DataTable() of the datalogger to CLP but every configuration in the logic of the datalogger has not worked,  is there a way to send the information that is in the datalogger DataTable() to the CLP?


XxVashxX Sep 9, 2023 03:05 PM

I believe you can extract data from table as follow

ModbusVariable = TableName.VariableInTheTable

I mean write the name of the Table, follow a "." and next write the variable you want that are inside of the table .... and save this to another variable or your modbus array value...

With this sintax you can extract the value of the table that you want..

More details in the Loggernet Manual section 7-53 (I think will work)

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