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How to arrange several RF antennas

Gregory Mar 27, 2023 03:29 PM

I need to collect live data from 24 measuring stations (4 CR1000X + 20 CR300RF) measuring at 4Hz. The terrain is flat and the farthest station is less than 1km away.
To do this I want to use 4 RF407series connected to a computer, creating 4 collection channels with each 1 CR1000X+5 CR300RF. The dataloggers produce more data than a RF407series module can receive in the same time.
My question is: How should I arrange the 4 antennas of the RF modules connected to the computer (i.e. how far apart should each antenna be) to avoid creating too much interference and to not affect the reception?

Awasuard Nov 17, 2023 07:55 AM

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councilcornflower Dec 1, 2023 03:43 AM

Remember to perform thorough testing and monitoring during the setup to ensure that the data reception is stable and reliable. If you encounter any issues with interference or reception, you may need to further adjust the antenna placement or consider additional measures such as using RF signal amplifiers or alternative communication protocols.

connections puzzle

justquiver Dec 4, 2023 07:44 AM

To guarantee steady and dependable data reception during setup, don't forget to do extensive testing and monitoring. If interference or reception problems arise retro bowl, you might need to reposition the antenna or take other steps, such employing RF signal amplifiers or other connection methods.

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