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TEROS 31 lab tensiometer

T_man Feb 21, 2023 05:04 PM

Anyone have any experience with using a Meter Group Teros 31 lab tensiometer on a CR1000? From the Meter's "integrator guide", the basice SDI commands are aM! should return a+<Press>+Temp+<status>. 

I changed the SDI-12 addresses to numbers 1-4. Using “SDI12Recorder(SDI12_1(),1,"1","M!",1,0,-1), I get 3 values: 84.43, 27.3 and 1. The <Press> winds up being atmospheric pressure in kPa, not the matric potential. In terminal mode, I can see the pitch/roll, too, but not the matric potential - which is around -2 kPa while sitting upright in a beaker of water. 

I'm hoping somebody has some experience with these - oddly, Meter does not.  

kanelime Apr 23, 2024 08:23 AM

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