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How to keep reading data when not recording to CR850

Unilab Nov 2, 2022 06:13 PM
Dear Friends, How to continue reading the data, when not recording in the CR850?

I did some programming in CRbasic, and I use the PC-400 to read the data in Monitor Data.
When I pause recording (Stop Program) I can't read in real time, because it pauses the data.

Do we somehow have when Pause recording, continue reading in real time what is happening without recording?

In my process I have to adjust the wind speed in the wind tunnel and record, but when I pause to adjust a new speed it pauses the readings.

Thanks to everyone


Nico Nov 3, 2022 08:02 AM

Look at the 'Public' data table for monitoring real time values. Your logger will store data in <name-XYZ> tables of your choice in intervals of your choice how you programmed it in CRBasic.

Why do you stop your program in the first place?

If you want to stop recording data to a table, just use one of the Control ports (read high/low) as a signal for writing to the final storage tables (or not) and let the logger keep running. You could even use the Data Monitor section of Device Config Program to manipulate Public variables directly to control your program and its functions (in case you do not have any free Control ports).

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