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How to program the CR-850 to record 4 data per second (4 Hz)?

Unilab Nov 2, 2022 04:05 PM
Dear friends,

how do i program the CR-850 using CRBasic to collect 4 data per second (4Hz).

When I tried changing the collection time and put the instructions:


'Main Scan

It didn't work. On the PC-400 screen, the readings were still slow and when downloading the data, it was every second.

Can you help me

Best Regards


smile Nov 2, 2022 05:17 PM


first 4Hz is 250 mSec not 400 mSec.
In that line you decide the reading time, the storage time is in the "datatable" instrunction

Furthermore, the reading time is still subordinate to everything the logger has to do, in some cases it can be little and go into skipped scan error.


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