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Communications between CR300 and RUT955

Hortus Oct 26, 2022 02:59 PM

Dear all,
I would like to connect a CR300 to a Teltonika RUT955 via the RS232 serial port. I need IP communications on the data logger but I'm not able to configure the two devices correctly. I have tried some configurations but they don't work.

I currently use the same communication between a CR300 and a Sierra RV50X (setting up a PPP connection) and it works perfectly, can anyone give me any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

smile Oct 27, 2022 06:10 AM


I have used in some applications the RUT955 with CS logger but always with ethernet port. If you want to take advantage of the IP connection, you have to look at the possibility of using the serialserver in the router. Or even launch the PPP connection from the RS232 to the router, if provided in the router. Sure you will need a nullmodem cable like in the RV50X between the 2 RS232 ports.

I hypothesize that in the first solution the logger does not know that it is on the internet and therefore the instructions like FTP email or callback cannot be used.
A solution could be to buy the NL201 module to equip the CR300 with the ethernet port but I quickly read about the compatibility with the CR300 and the bridge mode so I think it is equally not useful.

It is also useful to me and I should study the solution with RUT955 but in this period I don't have the possibility, I don't have time.


Nico Nov 3, 2022 07:33 AM

I have tried some configurations but they don't work.

What have you tried?

Looking at the RS232 config spec for the RUT955 I don't see PPP there. Only 'OverIP' (=TCP/UDP) and one that's called 'Modem' - but I don't have an RUT955 here right now I could test this on..

Have you tried to reach out to Teltonika support yet? They are pretty sharp and might be able to tell you if this can work or not (PPP via RS232). Afaik this was a thing of the Sierra Modems to support legacy architecture and might need extra software / firmware tweaks on the RUT955. Which isn't to say that it's impossible.. but I'd try Teltonika support and see if they got any idea. The software on that end is way more flexible and capable then here on the Campbell end.

PS: an alternative to the NL201 could be one of those RS232 <> Eth converters.

Hortus Nov 4, 2022 03:48 PM

Thanks to both of you. Even I was hoping to use the PPP mode as for the Sierra router but on the Teltonika I did not find it. Before writing on this forum I had already contacted Teltonika support who suggested me that I have to try the "over IP" mode, which however does not satisfy my request.

reubiolo1 Nov 7, 2022 10:37 AM

interesting information

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