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Collect data from 5 CR1000X in the 1 data table file

chalit Oct 9, 2022 01:45 AM

 I have 40 sensor connect to 5nos of CR1000X which require to reading all sensor at 1Hz.

and have to shown real-time numeric/graph plot (value vs time) of all data to client (at 1 hz too)

Q1) So, 5 CR1000X = 5 Data table file

It should be more handy if i combine data from 5 CR1000X in the 1 data table file

Q2) 5 CR1000X connect to PC via Lan, can they sync time.

Please advise me how to.

JDavis Oct 10, 2022 07:00 PM

You can use Network Time Protocol(NTP) to synchronize time of the dataloggers. Accuracy of the clock adjustment will depend on the LAN latency.

To get more accurate on time than NTP, a GPS unit could be added to each datalogger.

RTMC is capable of plotting data from multiple stations together. There is a basic version included with Loggernet that you can try. A more advanced version, RTMC Pro, is available as a purchased addon.

chalit Oct 11, 2022 09:06 AM

Dear Jdavis

Thank you for your advise, i see now the RTMC is a solution to show real time data from 5 datalogger.

all logger connect on the same network via LAN.

I have few more question as below:

- Client want to see all real time data and graph then i have to create about 3 "RTMC Screen".

- Client lazy to click on "RTMC Sreen" tab to switch of screen. They want to see all 3 Screen on 3 LCD display.

- Can i bring 3 PC with loggernet to shown data of each RTMC screen or any suggustion?


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