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NetworkTimeProtocol CR1000X - no correct adjustement

GNWCLZ Sep 30, 2022 01:08 PM

Hi all,

we have a strange behavior with NetworkTimeProtocol.


Sub SyncTime()

NTPPing = PingIP(NTPServer,4000)

If NTPPing > 0 Then ' Syncronize Clock
ClockDeviation = NetworkTimeProtocol(NTPServer,0,1000)
EndIf EndSub


In SlowScan we call the sub routine every hour with


Call SyncTime()


After that the logger clock / timestamp was set to 1954/09/12 11:50:10 and ClockDeviation is between -40 and -60 every call of SyncTime().

We have try several NTP servers and also the NTP server built in the router which the CR1000x is connected to. Also we tried NetworkTimeProtocol directly and not in a sub routine.

I have no idea what we are doing wrong.

Thanks everyone for help.

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