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LoggerNet Admin, repeating records

Nigel Sep 28, 2022 08:44 PM

We have been rebuilding our server, transferring from a Windows 2012 Server to Windows 2019 Server.

We have no problems with the old server, however, with the new server, we have a repeat data issue.


These are the typical conditions.

When loggernetadmin(service) operates scheduled data collections, data download operates correctly without error, without repeat records.

When we remote desktop(RDC) log into the server, performing a manual collection the data files double up(repeat) the last records. (weirdly not all data files, all the time)

When logged in via loggernetadmin remote to the loggernetadmin service on the server, we see the message, “file is remote/inaccessible or does not exist…file path”, the view file is greyed out and the data file also repeats the latest data.

When new data exists, then the new data populates the data file without repeat.


Typically, if we have a Daily table and an Hourly table, and manually download to update the Hourly data, the Daily data files have a repeat of the last records.

If a fresh file structure with no data downloaded, manual or scheduled, the data downloads a new file up to the correct time. Hourly table and Daily table.

When we download again, we should expect zero data as all received. The Hourly does not repeat, but the Daily repeats the last record.

Sometimes, it happens to all files when manually (collect) downloading.



Windows Server 2019

loggernetAdmin 4.7

netframework 4.7


Also, we are wondering about shares and permissions for users. The manual does not go into much detail about specifics.

However, we tried replicating the old verse new and no difference.

When the service is installed and the LoggerNet user is created, this runs everything fine as a service.

We as users, as admins with full control permissions, still seem to have this problem.


Note installed in F: drive

Our file structure is

F:\Program files\Campbellsci\



Does it matter if we have "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" when not in C drive?

Note, Security Policies restrict us too installing in F drive. 

Data is collected by Vista Data Vision on another server.

JDavis Sep 29, 2022 07:13 PM

The root of the issue is probably folder access permissions.

The Loggernet service is running as a different Windows user. So, pay attention to access permissions for that user.

Nigel Oct 3, 2022 09:18 PM

Hi, I suspected as much myself.

However, we defined all "Users" and full control, the local user "LoggerNet" raised to "admin" and all Users accessing the system are full admins. 

I have defined all the RDC and remote loggernadm (6789) in the loggernet server setup as well as the server environment.

 We have shared the folders list above, Admins and Users are full-control, yet the problem continues.

Our ITS want to restrict things down further with permissions and shares, so we are in a bind. 

Can you demonstrate the perfect user permissions and folder share definitions for a loggernetadmin service? 

I feel we are overcompensating for something else we are missing somewhere.

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