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Makada Sep 20, 2022 12:57 PM


Recently i got numerous watchdogerrors.

I tried a different program to use but still getting errors.

I dont have skipped scans.

I see the clocks in the connect screen differ, "adjusted server date/time is 20/09/2022 14:55:24 and the " Station Date/Time is 14:53:59

Ive set them so they are equal again, but got errors again after soms time.

What can i do to solve this?

With kind regards.

Thein Sep 21, 2022 03:54 AM


Change internal lithium battery, install latest datalogger OS. Run again. If problem persists send back to CSI. :)

Best regards,

Makada Sep 22, 2022 03:02 PM


Thanks for the reply.

The lithium battery is showing 3.42 Volts.

Im running latest CR1000 OS.

Might it be related to the value in the "Communication Allocation" field in the Device Configuration Utility ? 

It was showing 50 for unknown reason.

I raised it to 500 (which is the max) and it is not showing Watchdogerrors now during the night.

With the kindest regards.

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